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Notice #: 0000629943-01
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4444 Rice St., Kapule Building Lihue, Hawaii 96766. Tel: 241-4050

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of a hearing to be held by the Planning Commission of the County of Kauai at the Lihue Civic Center, Moikeha Building, Meeting Rooms 2A and 2B, 4444 Rice Street, Lihue, Kauai on Tuesday, June 24, 2014, starting at 9:00 a.m. or soon thereafter to consider pursuant to provisions of Chapter 8 of the Kauai County Code 1987, as amended, the following:
1) Class IV Zoning Permit Z-IV-2014-16 and Use Permit U-2014-13 to establish a visitor center facility with accessory commercial uses the includes a Production Facility/Administration Building, Tasting Room, Cafe, Interactive Garden, a construction of one (1) Farm Dwelling Unit and a display Plantation House, and associated improvements on a parcel situated in Koloa, along the western side of Maluhia Road and immediately across Anne Knudsen Park, further identified as Tax Map Key 2-8-006: 001, and containing a total area of 18.867 acres.
2) Class IV Zoning Permit Z-IV-2014-17 and Use Permit U-2014-16 to establish operations involving food truck vendors on a parcel situated in Koloa, along the western side of Maluhia Road and approx. 350 ft. north of its intersection with Koloa Road, further identified as Tax Map Key 2-8-006: 025 (Portion) with a land area of 8.63 acres.
3) Class IV Zoning Permit Z-IV-2014-18 and Variance Permit V-2014-4 to deviate from the requirement noted in Section 8-9.2(c)1 of the Kaua’i County Code (1987) relating to the minimum lot size within the Open (O) zoning district, involving a 2-lot subdivision of a parcel located in Moloa’a, along the makai side of Kuono Road and approx. 500 ft. east of its intersection with Moloa’a Road, further identified as Tax Map Keys 4-9-014 006 & 4-9-009: 002, and containing a total area of 47.899 acres.
4) Class IV Zoning Permit Z-IV-2014-19, Use Permit U-2014-17 for development of the Kaua’i Philippine Cultural Center that includes an Administration Building containing offices, a commercial kitchen & an assembly hall, and Main Hall for public gatherings, and Variance Permit V-2014-5 to deviate from the lot coverage requirement within the Residential (R-1) zoning district, located on property along the makai side of Kaumuali’i Highway in Puhi, at its intersection with Nuhou Street, further identified as Tax Map Key 3-3-003: 043 (Por.), and containing a total area of 7.133 acres.
5) Zoning Amendment ZA-2014-8: A bill for an ordinance amending Chapter 8, Kaua’i County Code 1987, as amended, relating to Special Treatment Districts. The purpose of the bill is to create a new Special Treatment Mixed-Use District to provide authority to the Special Development Plans to identify and designate unique urban areas and apply form-based code principles.
All persons may present testimony for or against any application as public witnesses. Such testimony should be made in writing and presented to the Department prior to the hearing. Late written testimony may be submitted up to seven days after the close of the hearing in cases where the Commission does not take action on the same day as the hearing. Any party may be represented by counsel if he or she so desires. Also, individuals may appear on their own behalf, a member of a partnership may represent the partnership, and an officer or authorized employee of a corporation or trust or association may represent the corporation, trust or association. Chapter 4 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Planning Commission relating to intervention does not apply to General Plan, Zoning or State Land Use District Boundary Amendments and Rule Making Procedure before the Commission. The proposed rules are available for inspection during normal business hours at the address above. Copies of the proposal may be mailed to any person willing to pay the required fees for copying and postage. Mailing requests may be made to the Department in writing at the address above. Special accommodations for those with disabilities are available upon request five days prior to the meeting date by contacting the Department at the information above. KAUAI PLANNING COMMISSION, Jan Kimura, Chairperson By Michael A. Dahilig, Clerk of the Commission (G.I. 5/23/14)
(TGI629943 5/23/14)~