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Notice #: 0000620321-01
Sale of Land Leases


The State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (“DLNR”) is issuing a Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposals (“RFQ/RFP”) for parties interested in leasing approximately 36.288 acres of state-owned lands at Malaekahana State Recreation Area, Kahuku Section, for campground purposes on Oahu, Hawaii, identified by Tax Map Key Numbers TMK: (1) 5-6-001: Parcels 24, 45-47, 49, 51, 53-65, inclusive.
DLNR intends to select a qualified applicant meeting certain eligibility criteria whose proposal meets DLNR’s RFQ/RFP objectives and RFQ/RFP selection criteria. The selected Applicant will enter into exclusive negotiations with DLNR for a lease agreement that sets forth the terms and conditions under which the selected Applicant would be allowed to lease the subject property for a term of five (5) years.
To be eligible to participate in this RFQ/RFP process, interested parties must first complete and submit an Application and Notice of Intent by no later than 4:00 p.m., June 19, 2014. A completed Application and Notice of Intent may be submitted to any of the DLNR District State Parks Offices listed below or by facsimile to (808) 587-0311. Anyone who fails to submit a completed Application and Notice of Intent by this deadline shall not be eligible to participate in this RFQ/RFP process. The Application and Notice of Intent form is included in the RFQ/RFP package.
Copies of the RFQ/RFP package may be obtained at the following DLNR State Parks District Offices or downloaded from the DLNR website at

Oahu State Parks District Office Maui State Parks District Office
1151 Punchbowl Street, Room 310 54 S. High Street, Room 101
Honolulu, Oahu 96813 Wailuku, Maui 96793

Hawai’i State Parks District Office Kauai State Parks District Office
75 Aupuni Street, Room 204 3060 Eiwa Street, Room 306
Hilo, Hawai’i 96720 Lihue, Kauai 96766

Maps showing a metes and bounds description and classification of the land may be reviewed at the office of the DLNR Board of Land and Natural Resources (“BLNR”) or at the DLNR Land Division office in Honolulu, Hawai’i.
The first phase of the RFQ/RFP process (i.e., the RFQ) requests the submittal of the Applicant’s statement of qualifications and general plan to any DLNR State Parks District Office by no later than 4:00 p.m. June 26, 2014. DLNR, through an evaluation committee will determine which Applicants meet the RFQ criteria (alternatively, DLNR may form a short list of the “most qualified” Applicants) and are eligible to participate in the second step of the RFQ/RFP process (i.e., the RFP).
The subsequent RFP phase will invite eligible applicants (“Bidders”) to submit a detailed proposal for the subject property. Any lease rents proposed by the Bidder must provide a Minimum Monthly Rent of at least $2,500 per month and a percentage rent of at least 7 percent of gross receipts. An evaluation committee approved by BLNR will evaluate the submitted proposals, and the Bidder whose proposal best satisfies the RFQ/RFP objectives and selection criteria in the assessment of the evaluation committee will be recommended to the Chairperson for selection. The Chairperson will make the final decision as to whether the recommended Bidder meets the objectives and selection criteria. Once approved by the Chairperson, the “Selected Bidder” and DLNR will enter into exclusive negotiations for a lease agreement. Approval of the lease terms and conditions must be obtained from the BLNR before the lease may be executed.
The commencement date of the lease will be dependent upon the termination of the current revocable permit for the premises and the clearing of the premises by the permittee in accordance with the terms of the permit.
Additional deadlines and significant dates are set forth in the RFQ/RFP.
DLNR reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or terminate the RFQ/RFP or proposed lease; request modifications to any application proposal or proposed lease or reject any and all applications, or proposals, when it is in the best interest of DLNR. DLNR further reserves the right to negotiate with the Selected Bidder any additional terms, conditions, or modifications to the terms set forth in this RFQ/RFP or in the Selected Bidder’s proposal; provided, however, that any negotiated modifications shall not result in the rents or payments to DLNR being less than the fees or payments proposed in the Selected Bidder’s proposal.
If there are any inquiries regarding this RFQ/RFP, or if any person requires a special accommodation (e.g., large print materials, sign language interpreters), contact Stephen Soares at (808) 587-0505 or via email Stephen.D.Soares@Hawaii.govor Curt Cottrell at (808) 587 0289.

/s/ William J. Aila, Jr., Chairperson
(SA620321 5/16/14)~