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Notice #: 0000571846-01
Public Hearings


TIME: 2 P.M.

1. Confirmation of Appointments

a. Claire E. Goldberg, Real Property Tax Board of Review II (MM-143)

b. Ricky H. Taniguchi, Board of Parks and Recreation (MM-161)

c. Alfred C. Lardizabal, Civil Service Commission (MM-162)

2. Resolution 13-260, CD1 – Authorizing the use of overt video monitoring in the City and County of Honolulu to prevent and deter general criminal activity and achieve the legitimate law enforcement objective and legitimate public purpose of ensuring a safe and secure 2013 Honolulu Marathon event.

3. Bill 62 – Relating to helmets. (Addressing helmet requirements for minors when operating a skateboard, roller skates, including inline skates, a toy vehicle or a similar device upon the public sidewalks, alleys, malls, parks, grounds, parking lots, and other public places where such operation is permitted.)

4. Resolution 13-216, FD1 – Initiating amendments to the Revised Charter of the City and County of Honolulu 1973, as amended, relating to the Board of Water Supply.

5. Resolution 13-221 – Initiating amendments to the Revised Charter of the City and County of Honolulu 1973, as amended, relating to eminent domain.

6. Bill 63 – Relating to real property taxation. (Amending the definition of the “Residential A” real property tax classification.)

7. Bill 56, CD1 – Relating to flood hazard areas. (Repealing the flood hazard district provisions under the Land Use Ordinance, Chapter 21, Revised Ordinances of Honolulu 1990, as amended, and adopt new flood hazard regulations which fully conform to current language in the National Flood Insurance Program regulations under its own chapter in the Revised Ordinances of Honolulu.)

8. Bill 61 – Relating to signs. (Amending the provisions of the Land Use Ordinance, ROH Chapter 21, relating to signs.)

Persons wishing to speak are requested to register by 2 p.m. using the On-Line Council Speaker Registration form available at, or by sending a fax indicating your desire to speak, along with your name, phone number and subject matter to 768-3826 or by calling 768-3820. Testimony is limited to three minutes and shall be presented by the registered speaker only. Written testimonies may be faxed to 768-3826 or transmitted via the internet at By submitting written testimony, you are not automatically registered to speak. You are requested to register to speak if you wish to provide oral testimony.

On-line and fax registration forms must be received by 2 p.m. to be included in the list of registered speakers. Persons who have not registered to testify by 2 p.m. will be given an opportunity to present oral testimony on an item following the registered speakers by raising their hand at the time additional speakers are called upon.

Copies of the Communications, Resolutions, Bills and any amendments thereto are available at the City Clerk’s Office, Room 203, Honolulu Hale or on-line at

Any physically challenged person requiring special assistance should call 768-3820 for details at least one day prior to the meeting date.

(SA571846 11/2/13)~