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Notice #: 0000217500-01
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Killion, Elton Nelson, Jr. FC-P No. 09-1-0217
Betiru, Leilani FC-P No. 09-1-0954
Atdrik, Neien FC-P No. 09-1-0962
Abellana, Jayson Keoki FC-P No. 09-1-1043
Acosta, Lafouzio M. FC-P No. 09-1-1090
Rista, William J. FC-P No. 09-1-1149
Abella, Joshua J. FC-P No. 09-1-1219
Peralta, Octavio F. FC-P No. 09-1-1222
Dinney, Tison FC-P No. 09-1-1239
Cabagbag, Cresencio C. FC-P No. 09-1-1242
Joel, Joel FC-P No. 09-1-1246
Rode, Michael FC-P No. 09-1-1247
Corpuz, Cesario B. FC-P No. 09-1-1260
Matias, Thomas & Vega, Alexis FC-P No. 09-1-1263
Chambers, Stacia Raynette & FC-P No. 09-1-1282
Bishop, Adrian Michael K.
Harris, Kali Ululani FC-P No. 09-1-1284
Corpuz, Amante C. & FC-P No. 09-1-1288
Luga, Elmer
Fotu, Baby FC-P No. 10-1-0023
Nicholson, Armon Mikal FC-P No. 10-1-0085
Walker, Johnston B. FC-P No. 10-1-0112
Deangelis, Sean V. FC-P No. 10-1-0113
Awana, Kawailani K. & FC-P No. 10-1-0144
Armington, Arthur Paul, Jr.
Sabugo, Donovan I. FC-P No. 10-1-0168
Viernes, Chester Lee A. FC-P No. 10-1-0182
Conway, Kent Theodore, Jr. FC-P No. 10-1-0190
Meau, Makana FC-P No. 10-1-0193
Lakjohn, Jennifer & FC-P No. 10-1-0195
Benjamin, Danson L.
Hartman, Samuel FC-P No. 10-1-0201
Molina, Zachary K. FC-P No. 10-1-0210
Evangelista, Miguel FC-P No. 10-1-0230
Leiato, Jesse A. FC-P No. 10-1-0241
Rain, Junior W. FC-P No. 10-1-0254
Veale, Darryl D. FC-P No. 10-1-0255
Perkins, Jamaul R. FC-P No. 10-1-0277
Clark, Misty D. FC-P No. 10-1-0310
Akana-Taovao,Jacklin-Monnick N.,FC-P No. 10-1-0311
Katoa, Tali F. & Taovao, Katieli T.
Mann, Chad William FC-P No. 10-1-0330
Mann, Chad William FC-P No. 10-1-0331
Clemente, Kerian FC-P No. 10-1-0334
Rita, Sean W. FC-P No. 10-1-0361
Mohr, Steven Reed UIFS No. 10-1-0095

YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the Child Support Enforcement Agency, State of Hawaii (CSEA), has filed a Complaint for Establishment of Paternity in the Family Court of the First Circuit, State of Hawaii, which involves you. This action is to determine the father and child relationship or legal paternity, of the child(ren) named in the Complaint. It also addresses the related issues of custody, visitation, current child support, past child support, birth related medical expenses, medical insurance coverage, and birth certificate changes for the child(ren) named in the Complaint.

YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to appear in the courtroom of the Honorable Presiding Judge on September 10th, 2010 at 1:30 p.m. in the Family Court of the First Circuit, State of Hawaii. The Family Court is located at 4675 Kapolei Parkway, Kapolei, HI 96707. You must also file an answer or other pleading and to serve it before this day on CSEA’s attorneys at the Family Support Unit, Family Law Division, State of Hawaii, at 715 South King Street, #211, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. If you fail to do so, a Judgment of Paternity by default will be entered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint for Establishment of Paternity.
DATED: Honolulu, Hawaii, July 19, 2010.

N. Anaya
Clerk of the Above-Entitled Court
(SA217500 7/23, 7/30, 8/6, 8/13/10)