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Notice #: 0000110066-03
State/City & County Jobs

$6,592 to $9,383 per month
plus state benefits. Downtown, Oahu
The position of Administrator, under the direction of
the Chairperson and the Board of Land and Natural
Resources, is responsible for planning, organizing,
directing, and administering the Division of Conservation
and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE). The
underlying mission of DOCARE is to effectively
uphold the laws that serve to protect, conserve and
manage Hawai’i’s unique and limited natural,
cultural, and historic resources held in public trust
for current and future generations of visitors and the
people of Hawai’i nei.
Minimum Requirements Include:
Comprehensive knowledge of natural resource laws,
rules and regulations.
Ability to effectively manage a comprehensive
enforcement program.
At least 2 years of responsible independent work
experience in the enforcement of conservation and
resources laws, rules and regulations.
At least 1 year of responsible managerial work
experience in the enforcement of conservation and
resources laws, rules, and regulations.
At least 1 year of administrative work experience.
For complete information and to apply please visit and/or the State Dept.
of Land & Natural Resources website at:
dlnr or call the DLNR Personnel Office at 587-0180.
Re-employment of Retirees: Pursuant to Act 156, SLH 2008,
retired state or county government employees who possess
the minimum qualification requirements for this class of
work and who are receiving benefits from the State of
Hawaii Employee’s Retirement System may be eligible for
re-employment after one calendar year of retirement without
impact upon existing retirement benefits as this position has
been deemed difficult-to-fill.
On Continuous Recruitment Until Needs Are Met.
The State is an Equal Opportunity Employer