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Notice #: 0000109710-01
State/City & County Jobs

Hawaii Public Housing Authority (HPHA)

On behalf of the State of Hawaii and the employees of Hawaii Public Housing Authority (HPHA), we invite the following highly motivated and dedicated professionals to join our team and make a difference!

Contract Administrator ($70,000 – $72,000)

The contract Administrator is responsible for supervising and overseeing the staff in performing program and contract administration of selected State and Federal assisted programs for the HPHA facilities, Statewide; assigns construction projects; formulates guidelines and procedures to aid in the execution of consultant and construction contracts; ensures that construction project are on schedule; conducts periodic project inspection to evaluation site and building conditions to determine when projects should be renovated or replaced; review contract award documents; conducts periodic consultation site inspection to evaluate the contractor’s and architect’s performance review.

Minimum Qualification Requirements and Experience
Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree in architecture or engineering is required. Total of Six (6) years of progressively responsible Engineering or Architectural experience as described below:

Four (4) years of progressively responsible professional engineering experience which required the knowledge and application of the basic physical and mathematical sciences and the engineering sciences to the solution of theoretical or practical engineering problems including planning, design and construction of building, structures and other facilities. Such experience must demonstrate knowledge to understand concepts of site and building planning, design, construction, inspection and contract administration, administration and implementation of engineering programs and projects; interpretation of systems operational requirements for improvements and maintenance; planning, design, and construction; or

Four (4) years of professional architectural work experience in developing and preparing complete designs, drawings, specifications, estimates of building, structure, and installations.
Supervisory/Administrative Experience: Two (2) years of any one or combination of the following types of experience:
Supervisory Experience: Professional engineering/architectural experience which included training subordinates, coordinating and assigning workloads, evaluating performance, assisting in difficult and problem areas, and performing timely accomplishment of work objectives, and maintaining high standards of work planning, design and construction of buildings, structures and other facilities, and/or
Staff Advisory Experience: Professional engineering/architectural experience as a technical e expert in a specialized area or program function performing staff advisory, consultative and/or reviewing the work of a staff of specialist assigned to the planning, development, and implementation of specific projects or programs, an/or
Administrative Experience: Professional engineering/architectural experience which included the planning (including budget planning and justification), organizing, staffing, policy formulation and implementation of the same and directing a program or programs.

The above position is exempt non-civil service position. For more information about HPHA, visit our website at HPHA is an equal employment opportunity employer. Continuous recruitment until need is met.

Hawaii Public Housing Authority (HPHA)
Attn: Personnel
P.O. Box 17907
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Honolulu, HI 96817
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(SB109710 3/22/09)~