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Notice #: 0000086976-02
State/City & County Jobs

City and County of
“The Best Place to Live and Work…”
Serves as the Chief of the Community Revitalization program
branch; oversees the development, administration, and
management of the Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program,
CDBG( Community Development Block Grant) Float Loan
Program and the other programs of the branch.
Salary Negotiable: $4,625 – $6,582/mo.
(Temporary Position)
Department of Community Services;
Office of Special Projects
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The City and County of Honolulu offers an attractive benefits and
retirement plan (ERS), including 21 paid vacation days, 21 sick
days, 13 paid holidays, medical, dental, vision, ERS, and others.*
*Subject to eligibility requirements and change.
24-hour Job Info Line: (808) 768-8522
An Equal Opportunity Employer