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Notice #: 0000045876-02
State/City & County Jobs

City and County of
Department of Transportation Services
Planner VI (Environmental) – ($4,447fmo.)
Department of EnYironmental Services
Safety Specialist I – ($3,376jmo.)
Wastewater Pumping Plant Operator ($3,791jmo.)*
Energy Recovery Engineer ($5,315 -6,319)* salarynego.
Various Other Departments
Engineering Technician III-DOC ($2,813jmo.)*
Park Grounds Maint. Superintendent-($3,701jmo.j*
Body & Fender Repairer – DFM ($3,791jmo.)*
Librarian II – eSD ($3,652jmo.)
Emergency Medical Technician 11- HESD ($3,309jmo.)*
Asst. Building Construction Inspector- ($2,922jmo.)*
Building Construction Inspector – ($3,290jmo.)*
* Indicates salary effective as of 7/1/08 BJE
The City and County of Honolulu offers an attractive
benefits and retirement plan, including 21 paid vacation
days, 21 sick days, 13 paid holidays, medical, dental,
vision, ERS, and others.
*’Subjectto eligibility requirements and change
Manyotherjob opportunities 1Wai/ab/e!
V”1Sit our website: www.honolulu.govjhr
24l10.’ Job Inlo Uno: (808) 768-8522