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Notice #: 0000039357-03
State/City & County Jobs

For full description and other employment listings, visit website above. Appointments are full
time unless otherwise specified and subject to funding and/or position clearance.
UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution.
For civil service positions (e.g., clerical, security, maintenance, lab aids,
etc.), please view:
Assistant Professor (Biology), UH
Hilo, Hilo; #86432T; temp; continuous
recruitment; 808-933-3153
Assistant Professor, Travel Industry
Management, UHM, School of Travel
Industry Management, Manoa;
#87434; continuous recruitment; 808-
Assistant Specialist, UHM Coll of Nat
Sci – Information and Computer
Science, Manoa; #84055T; temp;
closes 06/17/08; 808-956-7420
Assistant Specialist, (Mental Health
Evaluation), UHM College of Social
Sciences, Manoa; #88747T; temp;
closes 08/20/08; 808-735-3435
Instructor, UHM Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering Dept, Manoa;
#85369T, temp; closes 06/13/08;
Instructor, CC (Coordinator in
Hawaiian Studies), Hawaii Community
College, Hilo; #74861; closes
06/23/08; 808-974-7486
Instructor, CC (Dental Hygiene), Maui
Community College; #74851; closes
06/27/08; 808-984-3250
Instructor, CC, (Education), Leeward
Community College; #74840; closes
06/24/08; 808-455-0326
Instructor, UHM Coll of Nat Sci –
Physics and Astronomy, Manoa;
#84218T; temp; closes 06/23/08; 808-
Instructor for Psychology, UH-West
Oahu, Social Sciences; #76276T;
temp; closes 06/19/08; 808-454-4773
Junior Asst Specialist S2/S3, HIMB
Community Education Coordinator,
UHM SOEST, Manoa; #86043; cont
recruitment; review of applications
begins 6/20/08
Junior Specialist, (Elementary
Education), UHM College of Edu,
American Samoa; #85232T; temp;
closes 07/03/08; 808-956-7710
Librarian II, III, or IV, (Access
Services, Circulation/ILL/Reserves),
UH Hilo, Hilo; #83826; continuous
recruitment; 808-974-7733
Librarian II or III or IV, UH Hilo, Hilo;
#73359; continuous recruitment;
Information Technology Specialist
PBB, Windward Community College;
#78665T; temp; closes 06/24/08;
Institutional Support PBA,
(Personnel Officer), Hawaii Community
College,Hilo; #77978; closes 06/23/08;
Institutional Support PBB, (Contracts
& Grants Specialist), Office of
Research Services, Manoa; #77994T;
temp; closes 06/19/08; 808-956-8166
Institutional Support PBB, (Fiscal
Accounting Specialist), Office of
Research Services, Manoa; #80147;
closes 06/18/08; 808-956-6959
Institutional Support PBB,
(Institutional Analyst), Kapiolani
Community College, Office of Planning
and Institutional Research; #78237;
closes 07/01/08; 808-734-9514
Institutional Support PBB, (Risk Mgt
Spec and Investigator), Office of the
VP for Legal Affairs & Univ General
Counsel, located at Manoa; #78819;
closes 06/20/08; 808-956-8601
Institutional Support PBC, (Contracts
& Grants Manager), Office of Research
Services, Manoa; #78632; closes
06/18/08; 808-956-8166
Instructional and Student Support
PBA, (Early Childhood Spec I) UHM
Student Affairs, Manoa; (2 posns)
#78467T & #77603T; temp; closes
06/20/08; 808-956-7963
Instructional and Student Support
PBA, (Admissions Counselor), School
& College Services, Enrollment Mgmt,
Manoa; #78825 and 78826 (2 posns);
closes 06/18/08; 808-956-8975
Instructional and Student Support
PBC, (Director for Enrollment
Management), UH-West Oahu,
Student Services; #78469; closes
06/19/08; 808-454-4840
Physical Plant Management PBB,
(Parking Office Manager), Auxiliary
Services, Manoa; #80756; closes
06/19/08; 808-956-5389
Public Information, Public Events
Planning and Publications PBB,
(Director of Community Outreach),
UHM Waikiki Aquarium, Manoa;
#78565T; temp; closes 06/20/08;
Research Support PBB, UHM Coll of
Nat Sci – Physics and Astronomy,
Manoa; #80703; closes 06/19/08;
Lecturers (Art and Art History), UHM
College of Arts and Humanities –
Department of Art and Art History,
Manoa; continuous recruitment;