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Notice #: 0000035635-03
State/City & County Jobs

For full description and other employment listings, visit website above. Appointments are full
time unless otherwise specified and subject to funding and/or position clearance.
UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution.
For civil service positions (e.g., clerical, security, maintenance, lab aids,
etc.), please view:
Assistant Professor (Korean), UHM
College of Languages, Linguistics and
Literature, Manoa; #83365T; temp;
closes 06/02/08; 808-956-8940
Assistant Professor (Korean), UHM
College of Languages, Linguistics and
Literature, Manoa; #86196T; temp;
closes 06/02/08; 808-956-8940
Assistant Professor (Piano), UHM
College of Arts and Humanities, Dept
of Music, Manoa; #84061T; temp;
continuous recruitment; 808-956-7756
Assistant Specialist (Cardiovascular
Research), Edu Director, S3M11, UHM
School of Medicine – Dept of Medicine,
Kaka’ako Campus; #88564T; temp;
closes 06/05/08; 808-692-1469
Assistant Specialist (Invasive Plants
Control & Mgmt), UHM C of Trop Agr &
Human Res, Kula, HI; #83459;
continuous recruitment
Instructor, CC (Educational Comm
and Tech Developer), Leeward
Community College; #86797T; temp;
closes 06/10/08; 808-455-0326
Junior/Assistant Specialist, (Co-
Principal Investigator), UHM College of
Education, Manoa; #85296T; temp;
closes 06/10/08; 808-956-7771
Junior Researcher, (Ubiquitous
Computing Specialist), UHM Coll of
Nat Sci – Information and Computer
Sciences, Manoa; #84391T; temp;
continuous recruitment; 808-956-2761
Information Technology Specialist
PBA, (ADA Support Specialist), ITS,
Manoa; #78630, closes 06/06/08, for
more info & how to apply, visit
Information Technology Specialist
PBA, (Website Designer), Auxiliary
Enterprises, Manoa; #78135T; temp;
closes 05/30/08; 808-956-9291
Academic Support PBA (Assistant to
the Associate Dean), Shidler College
of Business, Manoa; #78620T; temp;
closes 06/09/08; 808-956-8377
Institutional Support PBA (Admin &
Fiscal Support), Dept of Ocean &
Resources Engineering, UHM SOEST,
Manoa; #78804T, temp, closes
06/06/08, 808-956-7572
Institutional Support PBA,
(Administrative Assistant), UHM
SOEST , Manoa; #78771T, Dept of
Geology and Geophysics; closes
06/05/08; 808-956-2582
Institutional Support PBA, (Fiscal
Accounting Specialist), Auxiliary
Enterprises, Manoa; #78163T, 78553T
(2 positions); temp; closes; 06/04/08;
Institutional Support PBA,
(Personnel Specialist), Auxiliary
Enterprises, Manoa; #77315T; temp;
closes 05/28/08; 808-956-7455
Institutional Support PBA, Assistant
to the Director, Lyon Arboretum, Lyon
Arboretum; #0078796; closes
06/04/08; 808-988-2971
Institutional Support PBB,
(Administrative Officer), UHM
Facilities and Grounds, Manoa;
#81049; closes 06/04/08; 808-956-
Institutional Support PBB,
(Evaluation & Research Coordinator),
School of Hawaiian Knowledge,
Manoa; #78773T; temp; closes
06/16/08; 808-973-0978
Institutional Support PBC, (Internal
Auditor), Office of the Internal
Auditor, located at Manoa; #78817;
closes 06/06/08; 808-956-8601
Instructional & Student Support
PBA, (Student Services Specialist),
Kapiolani Community College,
Student Services; #81878; closes
06/18/08, 808-734-9522
Instructional & Student Support,
PBB, (Assoc Dir of Student
Housing Services – Residential Life),
Stdnt Housing Serv, Manoa, #80630;
closes 06/06/08; 808-956-4008
Instructional & Student Support
PBA, (Assistant Registrar),
Admissions & Records, Honolulu
Community College; #78207; closes
06/10/08; 808-845-9158
Instructional & Student Support
PBB, (Physical & Health Education
Teacher), UHM College of Edu,
Manoa; #78792T; temp; closes
06/02/08; 808-956-7833
Instructional & Student Support
PBB, (Social Studies Teacher), UHM
College of Education, Manoa;
#78117T; temp; closes 06/02/08; 808-
Physical Plant Management PBB,
(UHM Facilities & Grounds), Manoa;
#80487; closes 06/03/08; 808-956-
Research Support PBB, (EPSCoR
Program Coordinator), UHM Pacific
Biosciences Research Center,
Manoa; #78788; closes 06/06/08;
Lecturer(s) in Kamakakuokalani
Center for Hawaiian Studies, School
of Hawaiian Knowledge, Manoa;
#LECA; temp; cont recruitment; 808-
Lecturer(s), William S. Richardson
School of Law, Manoa; closes
07/01/08; 808-956-2599~