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RECRUITMENT INFORMATION Ð The information here is only a highlight of this exciting, new recruitment
for the State Civil Service. We have many full-time, permanent vacancies on Oahu with a full benefit package.
Some vacancies are temporary and/or part-time positions. There may be special requirements, not listed here, for
certain positions. Please go to our website for complete information or see your nearest State Workforce Development
Division office. Office Assistant replaces the Clerk and Clerk-Typist series.
DUTIES SUMMARYÐ The following is only a highlight summary.
II Level: Perform moderately complex clerical work involving various standard clerical routines that are carried out on a
regular or rotational basis, in accordance with standard practice and instructions; and/or supervise and participate in performing
simple and repetitive clerical work tasks that are primarily procedural in nature and carried out in accordance with specific
instructions or clearly defined procedures and other related duties as assigned.
III Level: Perform journey level clerical work involving a variety of complex clerical assignments, e.g., those that involve
a number of steps/processes and/or referral to a number of different sources and require the use of some judgment to determine
appropriate disposition; prioritize work and carry out assignments independently, in accordance with general instructions
and established policies and procedures; and/or supervise and participate in performing moderately complex clerical
work, and other related duties as assigned.
IV Level: Perform senior level clerical work that involves a wide range of clerical functions where some originating and
planning of work are required and/or a variety of highly complex clerical or administrative tasks that are primarily substantive
in nature and requires evaluating information for conformance with established requirements and interpreting laws, rules and
regulations in order to determine appropriate disposition and use of judgment because problems are often not covered by
standard instructions or established techniques, systems or procedures. Carry out assignments independently, and accomplish
work with substantial use of discretion and selectiveness in deviating from established processes and procedures and other
related duties as assigned. Some positions supervise and participate in performing complex clerical work comparable to the
Office Assistant III.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTSÐ The following is only a highlight summary.
We will screen your completed application and resume to help determine which level you qualify for. Therefore, providing
us with complete and detailed information will be vital to successfully screen your application. Applicants must meet all
the requirements for the position they are seeking as of the date of the application. Please read our official announcement
for the complete “Minimum Qualification Requirements” and other information!
Basic Experience: Applicants must possess six months of work experience which demonstrated knowledge of English
grammar, spelling, arithmetic; ability to read and understand oral and written instructions; write simply and directly and
compare words and numbers quickly and accurately.
Clerical Experience: None for the II level, one year for the III level, and two years for the IV level, of work experience
which involved the performance of a variety of clerical tasks and demonstrated knowledge of office practices and procedures,
and the ability to carry out procedures in clerical work systems, and operate various kinds of office equipment and technologies.
Supervisory Experience: For the III and IV levels, Supervisory Experience or Supervisory Aptitude is required for
positions with supervisory responsibility.
A. Supervisory experience must have included: 1. planning, organizing, scheduling, and directing the work of others; 2.
assigning and reviewing their work; 3. advising them on difficult work problems; 4. training and developing subordinates;
and 5. evaluating their work performance, and disciplining them when necessary.
B. Supervisory aptitude is the demonstration of aptitude or potential for the performance of supervisory duties through
successful completion of regular or special assignments which involve some supervisory responsibilities or aspects of supervision,
e.g., by serving as a group or team leader, or by the completion of training courses in supervision accompanied by
application of supervisory skills in work assignments; and/or by favorable appraisals by a supervisor indicating the possession
of supervisory potential.
Keyboarding/Computer Skill Requirement: Some positions require keyboarding proficiency and/or the ability
to use computers and word processing and/or other software applications. Positions that require keyboarding/typing skill (40
net words per minute) are typically at the Office Assistant II and higher levels.
Substitutions Allowed:
a. Graduation from high school or equivalent may be substituted for Basic Experience.
b. Excess Clerical Experience may be substituted for Basic Experience.
c. Successful completion of a substantially full-time clerical/office support/business technology curriculum leading to a degree,
diploma or certificate at an accredited community college, business or technical school which included courses in
English, clerical/office procedures, and mathematics may be substituted for the required Clerical Experience on the basis
of fifteen (15) semester credits of satisfactorily completed coursework for six (6) months of experience, up to a maximum
of two (2) years. Please provide us with a copy of your official transcript showing successful completion.
d. Education in a baccalaureate program at an accredited college or university may be substituted for Clerical Experience on
the basis of fifteen (15) semester credits for six (6) months of experience, up to a maximum of two (2) years. Please provide
us with a copy of either your diploma or official transcript.
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Recruitment 208154 Ð STATEWIDE
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Closing Date: June 2, 2008
Level II SR-06 $1898/mo. [$1974 eff. 7/1/08]
Level III SR-08 $2057/mo. [$2139 eff. 7/1/08]
Level IV SR-10 $2224/mo. [$2313 eff. 7/1/08]
Brand New Civil Service Recruitment
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The State of Hawaii is an equal employment opportunity employer.
Come join the State! HereÕs what Rose said about
her career with the Dept. of Human Resources
Development Ð “First, I really love working here, with my
coworkers like a larger ’ohana, and with the public who come
to us seeking a career. I’ve also worked in the private-sector
and military before. The state offers great benefits, we can save
the vacation and sick leave credits, for example, plus we have
a retirement plan. I try my best to provide our public with great
customer service, like how I would like to be treated. And, yes,
I do recommend to others to work for the State!”
Look for the StateÕs S recruiting booth
at the BlaisdellÕs May 21st job fair!