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Notice #: 0000029579-03
State/City & County Jobs

County of Hawai`i
On the Island of Hawai`i
Police Officer I (Recruit Level)
Starting Salary: $43,020.00 per year
Salary increases to $47,412.00 per year after the first 18 months of
employment(After this, 6% pay increases 07/01/09 and 07/01/10)
After 4 years of Hawai`i County police service, a police officer will earn
$55,476.00 per year
• Automobile allowance: $600.00 monthly
• Standard of Conduct Differential: $138.68 monthly
• Effective 7/01/09: Firearm allowance – $420.00/fiscal year
• Effective 7/01/09: Uniform allowance – $300.00/fiscal year
• Vacation: 21 days/year
• Sick leave: 21 days/year
• Holidays: 13 days per year + general election day in an election year
• Retirement Plan: eligible to retire with 25 years of Hawai`i police service
• Medical Plan: 60% County share/40% employee share. Choice of health plans,
and dependent children under the age of 19, and full-time students under
the age of 24 are eligible.
• Vision, Prescription Drug, and Dental Plans: 60% County share/40% employee
share. Family, 2 party, or single plan.
• Group Life Insurance: free! Coverage $36,225 for active employee under 65
years of age.
• Workers’ Compensation/Accidental Injury Leave/Temporary Disability Ins.
• Night Differential: (6 pm – 6 am) $.55 per hour for each hour of actual work
• Paid Overtime: (Over 8 hours and over 40 hours)
• Special Off-Duty Assignments ($32.00 hour): eligible for special duty
assignments after completion of initial probationary period.
• Other Benefits: Membership in the County Credit Union, State of Hawai`i
Organization of Police Officers union, the Flexible Spending Plan, and the
State of Hawai`i Deferred Compensation Plan.
Our Police Officer I recruitment is open on a continuous basis. Must have a high school diploma
or equivalent (GED), a valid driver’s license, and be at least 21 years of age. Must be qualified
to carry and/or possess firearms and ammunition in accordance with state and federal laws, e.g.,
no misdemeanor or felony domestic violence convictions.
The Hawai`i Police Department has been averaging 3 academy classes per year (Spring,
Summer, & Winter). Live and work on a beautiful island and experience the spirit of Aloha!
Visit our website at or call the County’s job hotline at (808) 961-8618.
The County of Hawai`i is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.
The County of Hawai’i is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
The Hawai’i Community College, in conjunction with the County of Hawai’i,
is offering the following examination preparation course* for the County s
Police Officer I recruitment:
Grammar, Punctuation Review & Reading Comprehension
This 20 hour class will help you brush up on:
…. Punctuation Rules
…. Grammar Concepts
…. Sentence Patterns
…. Reading Comprehension
…. Spelling
…. Vocabulary
There will be a lot of practice exercises to help you prepare for the police
Code: 082N007
Date: May 20-June 19, 2008 (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
Time: 5:00-7:00 p.m.
Location: HawCC Manono Campus, MPA-2
Tuition: $20
To register call 974-7531.
The County of Hawai`i is an equal opportunity provider and employer.