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State/City & County Jobs

FOR full description and other employment listings, visit website above. Appointments are full

time unless otherwise specified and subject to funding and/or position clearance.

UH is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution.



For civil service positions (e.g., clerical, security, maintenance, lab aids,

etc.), please view:


Assistant, Associate or Professor

(Nursing), School of Nursing & Dental

Hygiene, Manoa; continuous recruitment;


Assistant, Associate or Full

Professor (Pathology),UHM School

of Medicine, Kaka’ako Campus;

#84455 or #83949 (2 posns), continuous

recruitment, 808-692-1130

Assistant/Associate Extension

Agent, (Waikiki Coastal Coordinator),

UHM Sea Grant, Manoa; #86892T;

closes 03/27/08; 808-956-7031

Asst. Extension Agent in Livestock

& Range Management, UHM C of

Trop Agr & Human Res, Human Nutr,

Food & Ani Sci; Lihue, HI; #82363;

continuous recruitment; 808-274-3471

Assistant Professor (Aquaculture),

UH Hilo, Hilo; #73318; continuous

recruitment; 808-933-0856

Assistant Professor, CC (Medical

Laboratory Technician), Health

Sciences, Kapi’olani Community

College, #83310, closes 04/02/08,


Instructor (Computer Science), UH

Hilo, Hilo; #86518T; temporary; closes

03/24/08; 808-974-7450

Instructor (Hospitality & Tourism),

Position number 74848, Maui

Community College, nine-month,

tenure-leading position, beginning

approximately 08/01/08, pending position

clearance, availability of funding,

and actual staffing requirements. For

full advertisement description, visit

Instructor, CC (Non-Credit Workforce

Development Program Coordinator),

Leeward Community College; #86575;

closes 03/25/08; 808-455-0326

Instructor , (Po’okela Project

Coordinator), Maui CC, Maui

Community College; #86826T; temporary;

closes 03/21/08; 808-984-3213

Instructor, CC (Counselor), Health

Sciences, Kapi’olani Community

College, #86385, closes 04/02/08,


Instructor, CC (Speech and

Communications), Kauai Community

College; #82262; closes 04/14/08;


Instructor, CC, (Counselor), Nursing

Department, Kapi’olani Community

College; #82513; closes 03/25/08;


Instructor, CC, English (Composition

and Literature), Windward Community

College; #82863; closes 03/25/08;


Instructor, CC, Religion, Windward

Community College; #87112; closes

03/25/08; 808-235-7424

Instructor/Assistant Professor,

(Special Education), UHM College of

Education, Manoa; #82095T; temporary;

continuous recruitment; 808-

956-7956, Fax: 956-4345

Junior/Assistant Specialist,

(Director of UH-Manoa GEAR UP),

UHM Student Affairs, Manoa;

#88144T; temporary; closes 03/20/08;


Junior Researcher, post-doctoral

researcher, Molecular Genetic

Epidemiology, Cancer Research

Center, Lauhala Office; #70019T

(100%); continuous recruitment; 808-


Junior Specialist, UHM College of

Education, Manoa; #85294T, Center

on Disability Studies; temporary; closes

03/14/08; 808-956-9502

Junior Specialist (Special Education,

Mentor Teacher), UHM College of

Education, Manoa; #85290T; temporary;

continuous recruitment; 808-


Law School Assistant Specialist,

(Post-Graduate Legal Fellow – Hawai`i

Innocence Project), William S.

Richardson School of Law, Manoa;

#70154T; closes 03/15/08; 808-956-



Academic Support PBA, (Employer

Liaison), UHM Student Affairs, Manoa;

#78712T; temporary; closes 03/20/08;


Academic Support PBB,

(Educational Specialist), READVERTISEMENT,

Kauai Community

College; #78640T; temporary; closes

03/27/08; 808-245-8372

Academic Support PBB, UHM

Pacific Biosciences Research Center,

Manoa; #78595T; temporary; closes

03/19/08; 808-692-1602

Information Technology Specialist

PBA, Maui CC, Maui Community

College; #0078115; closes 03/21/08;

(808) 984-3283

Information Technology Specialist

PBA, Readvertisement, Desktop

Network Services, Library Information

Technology Division, UHM Library

Serv, Manoa; #78690; closes

03/20/08; 808-956-7207

Info Tech Specialist PBA or PBB

(Sr Netwk Admin), ITS, Manoa;

#81898 & #81990(2 posns), closes

03/20/08, for more info & how to

apply, visit

Institutional Support PBA, (A/R

Coordinator), Office of Research

Services, Manoa; #78638; closes

03/17/08; 808-956-8163

Institutional Support PBA, (Admin &

Fiscal Support), UH-West Oahu,

Business Office; #78754T; temporary;

closes 03/20/08; 808-454-4749; TDD


Institutional Support PBB

(Personnel Officer) –

Readvertisement, UHM SOEST,

Manoa; #80769; closes 03/20/08,


Institutional Support PBB,

(Contracts and Grants Specialist),

Office of Research Services,

Kaka’ako Satellite Office; #77502T;

temporary; closes 03/17/08; 808-692-


Institutional Support PBB or PBA

(Fiscal Accounting Specialist),

Financial Management Office, located

at Manoa; #78555, #78556 or #78557

(3 posn), closes 03/24/08, 808-956-


Institutional Support PBC (Senior

Administrative Officer), UHM

Engineering, Manoa; #80027; closes

03/20/08; 808-956-2286

Institutional Support PBC, (Internal

Auditor), Office of the Internal Auditor,

located at Manoa; #80312; closes

03/24/08; 808-956-8601

Instructional and Student Support

PBA (Job Placement Assistant),

Leeward Community College;

#78737T; temporary; closes 03/25/08;


Instructional and Student Support

PBA, (Financial Aid Support

Specialist), Honolulu Community

College; #78740; closes 03/25/08;


Instructional and Student Support

PBA, (Student Services Specialist –

Admissions), UH-West Oahu, Student

Services; #78671; closes 03/20/08;

808-454-4749; TTD 808 454-4702

Physical Plant Management PBA,

(Telecommunications Analyst)

#78379, ITS-Manoa, closes 03/20/08.

For more info & how to apply, visit