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Claxton, Samuel J. FC-P 06-1-0762
Perkins, Jensen FC-P 06-1-0796
Rellin, Cesar D. FC-P 06-1-1020
Iunio, Iomila FC-P 06-1-1205
Alee, Tina & Lome, Biem FC-P 06-1-1225
Cachola, Adam-Shane K. FC-P 07-1-0115
Fair, Marcus A. FC-P 07-1-0165
Riley, Anthony N. FC-P 07-1-0215
Fernandez, Ricky S. FC-P 07-1-0340
Villarta, Angeline G. FC-P 07-1-0341
Sue, Roland FC-P 07-1-0445
Felisi, John R. Jr. FC-P 07-1-0496
Albrit, Chofat FC-P 07-1-0523
Aiwohi, Fred K. FC-P 07-1-0552
Canon, Paulbrina N. FC-P 07-1-0570
Aisek, Kenny FC-P 07-1-0576
Tusi, Misikei FC-P 07-1-0648
Tauoa, Gerraue FC-P 07-1-0709
Demello, Tiffany A. & FC-P 07-1-0735
Demello, Dennis L.
Ahlo, Brian K. FC-P 07-1-0744
Maunupau, Dane K. FC-P 07-1-0753
Brown, Jermaine L. FC-P 07-1-0792
Pula, Lima FC-P 07-1-0825
Rudolph, Mikaichy FC-P 07-1-0841
Sejalbo, Stanley D. FC-P 07-1-0857
Ah Wah, Joey I. FC-P 07-1-0861
Mero, Dennis W. FC-P 07-1-0869
Bassle, Sean K. FC-P 07-1-0872
Leae, Misipati FC-P 07-1-0883
Yeomans, Michael J. FC-P 07-1-0887
Martin, Brandon T. FC-P 07-1-0892
Alailefaleula, Benjamin FC-P 07-1-0908
Maras, Brigid & Maras, Jelson FC-P 07-1-0919
Faisca, Daylan C. FC-P 07-1-0947
Watanabe, Kekai K. FC-P 07-1-0982
Welch, Mathew A. FC-P 07-1-1009
Kamaka, John I. Jr. FC-P 07-1-1018
Lanter, Nopu G. FC-P 07-1-1040
Ropati, Levaula FC-P 07-1-1056
Sniffen, Avery P. FC-P 07-1-1069
Fuentes, Donald M. FC-P 07-1-1100
Sayson, Norbert FC-P 07-1-1114
Alfred, Joana FC-P 07-1-1140
Pinero, Kenneth K. FC-P 07-1-1168
Urayani, David T. UIFS No. 07-1-0043
Pua, Sanele K. UIFS No. 07-1-0202
McCormick, Kelly UIFS No. 07-1-0220

YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the Child Support Enforcement Agency, State of Hawaii (CSEA), has filed a Complaint for Establishment of Paternity in the Family Court of the First Circuit, State of Hawaii, which involves you. This action is to determine the father and child relationship or legal paternity, of the child(ren) named in the Complaint. It also addresses the related issues of custody, visitation, current child support, past child support, birth related medical expenses, medical insurance coverage, and birth certificate changes for the child(ren) named in the Complaint.
YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to appear in the courtroom of the Honorable Presiding Judge on Friday, May 2nd, 2008, at 1:30 p.m. in the Family Court of the First Circuit, State of Hawaii. The Family Court is located on the second floor of Kaahumanu Hale at 777 Punchbowl Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. You must also file an answer or other pleading and to serve it before this day on CSEA’s attorneys at the Family Support Unit, Family Law Division, State of Hawaii, at 715 South King Street, #211, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. If you fail to do so, a Judgment of Paternity by default will be entered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint for Establishment of Paternity.

DATED: Honolulu, Hawaii, MARCH 7, 2008
E. Alagao
Clerk of the Above-Entitled Court
(SB03514731 3/12, 3/19, 3/26, 4/2/08)