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Position Vacancy
Legislative Aide for Honolulu City Council
Full-Time Appointed Position

The Office of Councilmember Todd K. Apo is seeking a qualified applicant for the position of Legislative Aide for the Ewa to Makua area. The Legislative Aide assists the Councilmember in daily tasks including, but not limited to: drafting routine correspondence, reports, articles and press releases; addressing and responding to constituent concerns and telephone inquiries; organizing and attending community meetings; conducting research and analyses, updating the district website and newsletter.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High school graduate with five years of work experience. Desired qualifications: Familiarity with the geographical area (Ewa to Makua); college graduate with five years of work experience in the public or private sector with a demonstrated knowledge of government operations, public relations and community service functions. Must have a willingness to work in public service, be available to work nights and weekends, and have proven ability to work independently as a member of a team. Oral communication skills both in individual and group settings, as well as written communication skills through letters and e-mails, are important.


Applicants should send a letter of interest and resume by March 18, 2008 to:

Charmaine T. Doran, Senior Advisor to
Councilmember Todd K. Apo
530 South King Street, Room 202
Honolulu, Hawai\u00D5i 96813
(SB03514671 3/9/08)(MW03514671 3/12/08)