Ordinance Number 17-50

I hereby certify that the following Bill passed second and final reading at the meeting of the Hawai’i County Council on July 7, 2017, by vote as listed below:

Ordinance 17-50 (Bill 38): An Ordinance Amending Section 25-8-11 (Lalamilo-Pu’ukapu Zone Map), Article 8, Chapter 25 (Zoning) of the Hawai’i County Code 1983 (2016 Edition, as Amended), by Changing the District Classification from Agricultural - Five Acres (A-5a) to Family Agricultural - Two Acres (FA-2a) at Pu’ukapu, Waimea, South Kohala, Hawai’i, Covered by Tax Map Key: 6-4-001:152. AYES: Council Members Chung, David, Eoff, Kanuha, Lee Loy, O’Hara, Richards, Ruggles, and Chair Poindexter - 9; NOES: None; ABSENT:  None; EXCUSED:  None.
    Stewart Maeda

Hawai’i County is an Equal Opportunity Provider
and Employer.

(WHT1013906     7/29/17)~