Pursuant to Chapter 103D-304, Hawaii Revised Statutes, the Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation (HHFDC), anticipates the need for professional services in fiscal year 2009 (July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009), which includes the following:
  Architecture   Cost Engineering
Landscape Architecture   Auditing
Community Planning   Real Property Appraisal
    Civil Engineering   Financial Feasibility Analysis
Transportation/Traffic Engineering   Information Technology Management
Structural Engineering   Computer Engineering
Land Surveying     Geographic Information Systems
Construction Management   Archivist

Hawaii State registration is required for architecture, engineering, surveying, and construction management work.

Those individual and/or firms interested and capable of providing the professional services required and described above should submit the following information listed below by 4:30 p.m., June 13, 2008 to:

Executive Director
Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation
677 Queen Street, Suite 300
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

The following should be submitted:

  1. A letter of interest indicating the professional services for which the firm is interested
  and qualified to provide;
  2. A completed DPW Form 120 (revised 6/99) or the Federal Standard Form 330 in place
  of the DPW Form 120;
  3. Five (5) or more client references whom the agency may freely contact;
  4. Company or firm brochures and similar promotional materials (optional);
  5. Any other information or materials that the submitting party believes would be useful and
  relevant in being considered to provide the types of services set forth above.

Copies of the DPW Form 120 may be obtained from the DPW website at: or by faxing a request to HHFDC at (808) 587-0600.

In general, submittal packages and formats provided to other public agencies in response to advertisements of a similar nature should be acceptable, provided that the foregoing minimum requirements are met.  Persons or firms that previously responded to HHFDC for similar solicitation notices by the State of Hawaii in the last two years will remain under consideration to provide professional services through June 2009, but are required to submit a letter of interest and written hard-copy updates of any information contained in those earlier submittals that may have changed, by the date and time indicated above for the new submittals.  Late submittals will be accepted, but may not receive the same consideration as timely submittals.

Orlando Davidson, Executive Director
Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation
(SB32612   5/14/08)